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Your Guide to Creative Mastery, Building Designs, and Breaking Barriers

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Unlock the design potential for your business or embark on a profitable journey with Canva Construct.

Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking to elevate your brand's visual identity or an aspiring designer looking to turn your passion into profit, our platform is crafted just for you.

Join our community, and let's construct designs that elevate businesses!

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Meet Your instructor


instructor & owner

Hello, I'm Medzz, your dedicated guide at Canva Construct. With a background in Digital Marketing & Graphic Design, I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs like you leverage the full potential of design to elevate your business.

Throughout our courses, I'll provide practical insights, strategies, and hands-on guidance to ensure your designs not only capture attention but also drive business growth. Let's construct a visually compelling narrative for your brand together!

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yearly program

Join our exclusive yearly program, where you will embark on a transformative journey through all four phases of Canva Construct.

Phase 1 - Canva 101: Design Basics

Phase 2 - Canva PRO

Phase 3 - Canva Design Mastery

Phase 4 - Canva Plus+

This comprehensive annual group program provides a holistic approach to unlocking your creative genius!

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Tailored Learning on Your Terms

For those seeking flexibility, our standalone classes allow you to dive into specific phases at different times throughout the year.

Whether you're a beginner exploring design basics or a seasoned creator looking to monetize your skills, you can choose the individual classes that align with your goals.

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